How do I choose my perfect horse?

Do you wonder how to buy a horse and make the right choice?

How many times have you looked at a horse for sale and fell in love?

Finding a great horse is a difficult endeavor.

Here is a good place to start:
  • Look for an honest seller with entegrity
  • Be sure to find a horse that suit's you
  • Do plenty of homework
  • Don't be afraid to ask lots of questions about the horse
Most people who are not professional trainers or who don't spend a lot of time with horses don't know how to evaluate a prospect.  If you buy a horse based on a 'feeling' or impulse decision  you may come home with a horse that doesn't fit your abilities or personality. Take your time please.

Bottom line for you is that you want to buy a horse you can bring home, ride and love.  Try to purchase a horse that you can afford.  Before you start shopping, educate yourself as much as possible by:
  • Take riding lessons and / or a basic course on care for a horse
  • Going to horse shows
  • Reading
  • Talk to people in the horse community
  • Join a horse club
  • Consider leasing a horse
Allow yourself plenty of time to look for a horse.  Finding the right horse can take up to a year.  Armed with plenty of facts and research, you will come home with a horse you will enjoy and love for many years to come.

Top Horse Movies List

Delmar Horse Racing - Where the turf meets the surf at old delmar. Famous racetrack in california.

Big money players, make big money plays!! Hollywood is good!
Learn to ride a horse: Remember to warm up first

We all have those days where feeling stiff and sore slows us down and dampens our enjoyment, and horses are no exception to this. A good pre-ride workout (especially in winter) can help you and your beloved horse stay limber and agile. All too often, the temptation to throw on the saddle in a mad dash and speed of into a training session can lead to injury or accident.
If your horse is acting a little hesitant or more resistant to cooperation than usual, try the following techniques. You may find a gentle warm up is all that he's asking for.

First, as any good rider will tell you, a proper body and equipment check is a vital part of the process. Is the horse comfortable with the saddle and bridle? Are there any visible bruises or markings, perhaps from an encounter with another horse in the stable?

Next, take your horse for a walk, circling left then right at a steady pace. Check for signs of cramp or discomfort. Encourage him to bend his neck, and observe his responses. If he seems happy, begin a gentle trot at a slow pace. Don't allow him to dictate the pace, instead remain in control and keep observing.
When you're confident that both yourself and our horse are feeling good, increase the pace of the trot and think about starting your practice routine. These and other proper warm up techniques are wonderful opportunities to get to know your horse better.

Learn to read his responses and decide what he's trying to tell you, and make the warm up a part of your daily routine. Your horse should come to expect it just as much as you, and this sets both of you up well for a good working relationship.
The Hollywood Derby Horse Race
Hollywood Park, Inglewood California

Since 1938 the Hollywood Derby had been run in California, at the now closed Hollywood Park. Over the years the race was run on dirt and turf tracks.

The race is for 3 year old horses, it is run on the Turf Course.

The race is run at 1 1/4 miles. The Hollywood Derby is a Grade 1 Stakes Race. Which means that it is of the highest rated quality.

The purse was $500,000 U.S. Dollars.

3 Fillies have won the race, Busher in 1945, Honeymoon in 1946 and A Gleam in 1952.

Willie Shoemaker the famous jockey who was home based in California has won the race a record 8 times. Below is a previous list of recent winners of the Hollywood Derby.

Year Winning Horse Jockey
2010 Haimish Hy G. Gomez
2009 The Usual Q.T. V. Espinoza
2008 Court Vision R. Dominguez
2007 Daytona M. Smith
2006 Showing Up C. Velasquez
2005 No Race Run No Race
2004 Good Reward J. Bailey
2003 Sweet Return J. Krone
2002 Johar A. Solis
2001 Denon C. McCarron
2000 Brahms P. Day
1999 Super Quercus A. Solis
1998 Vergennes J. Velasquez
1997 Subordination J. Bailey
1996 Marlin C. Nakatani
1995 Labeeb E. Delahoussaye
1994 River Flyer C. Antley
1993 Explosive Red C. Nakatani
1992 Paradise Creek P. Day

Did you know that there is a poker game called H.O.R.S.E?

Well there is...

A h.o.r.s.e. poker tournament...

is a poker game consisting of rounds of play of several different types of poker.

  1. H - Hold 'em (Texas Hold 'em)
  2. 0 - Omaha eight or better
  3. R - Razz
  4. S - Stud (Seven Card Variety)
  5. E - Eight or better (Seven Card Stud)

HORSE Poker Structure

HORSE is always played in a fixed limit structure, and there can be a maximum of eight players at the table because Seven Card Stud can only accommodate eight total players (players receive more cards in Seven Stud, so it is easy to exhaust the deck with nine players).

HORSE tables are referred to by their betting stakes. For example, a $1/$2 table would have a small bet of $1 and a big bet of $2. Depending on what game you are playing at the moment, HORSE may use blinds or antes. The rotation of the games is decided upon by either a time limit or a hands limit for each game.

The Rotation

Many casinos and poker sites handle the rotation of games differently. For example, in the WSOP HORSE event each game is played for one hour rounds, then play switches to the next game. However, on many poker sites like PokerStars, play switches every eight hands, which results in game switches every five minutes or so.

This affects play because in hour long rounds, a Hold'em specialist could accumulate chips during the Hold'em hour, then protect them during the other rounds, but if games are switching every eight hands you need to be able to play every game effectively or you will never get in a rhythm.